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Bigoli was inspired during our travels in Italy, where simple, fresh ingredients are carefully crafted to make flavourful food. Dining in Italy is more than just sustenance, but good food is a source of joy, enjoyed in community, making lasting memories. Our guests can enjoy our fresh made pasta, signature sauces, vegetable spirals, chef-crafted salads, tiramisu and a variety of weekly specialty offerings.

Our Bigoli artisan pasta is extruded with bronze dies which give the pasta a subtly rougher texture. This allows the sauces to better adhere to the pasta surface, ensuring that each bite is rich in delectable flavour. Delicious!

We seek to celebrate the simple pleasures of delicious, Italian food, freshly made with only the finest ingredients. Come relish the bountiful flavours of our Italian-inspired food in a warm and inviting market setting!


Our Ingredients

Our pasta is made fresh daily, on site. We use the finest durum semolina, with the addition of free range, organic eggs, locally sourced. We seek to source from local farms and producers, whenever possible, with the addition of fresh herbs, for maximum flavour.

We make various pasta shapes, including our signature Bigoli pasta, Fusilli, and Pappardelle. Fresh pasta is also faster to cook, as the moisture content is preserved.

Our signature sauces include Pomodoro, Bolognese, Alfredo, Arrabbiata, with a selection of 6 toppings and garlic bread. We also offer organic Italian chicken sausage and spinach-ricotta crepes and a variety of weekly special offerings.

Try one of our spiralled vegetables as a pasta alternative. Sample our selection of spiralled zucchini, butternut squash or beets, organic and locally sourced.


Italy is closer than you think.


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